United We Stand


Rick home on weekend visit

Me at home on a visit from the hospital to get a haircut

I really don't mean to nauseate you, but this is the prettiest picture that we could find!!! 

This grainy picture was captured from a video taken while my husband Rick was home on a daytime visit from the hospital during his many weeks of therapy.  His right arm and leg no longer work. (he was right handed)  If you look closely you can see the elastic glove on his right hand to reduce swelling, his drooling mouth and the hospital wrist band.  He was not wearing a shirt because his brother was going to try to cut his hair with a Flowbee using the vacuum cleaner in the background by our garage. (He was still too embarrassed to go to the barber.) He couldn't maneuver his wheelchair inside our house, so his visits were restricted to the outdoors. He lived in sweat pants because it was very difficult to dress himself. (still isn't easy)




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