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Hello Evelyn,

I wanted to thank you for putting such a website on the internet -- it is so refreshing to see people like you.  Me and my husband are newly weds and we had seen the horseshoe crosses at the 127 yard sale in Lawrenceburg KY this past weekend.   Our church is building a new building and we - Todd (my hubby) wanted to make the crosses.  Putting the crosses on the back table before and after services members and visitors could buy and all the proceeds would go to the building fund.  Todd and I have been looking for something like this, and God blessed us with your website.

Todd does the bending and I do the wrapping of course---lol... I know they will be a hit and more money for my church----again, thank you for emailing me back with all the helpful hints.  - Jackie - Richmond, KY


Happy New Year Evelyn!

I just wanted to say thank you for the Christian Soldiers Cross. It arrived one day before New Years, which is awesome. You know, it looks a lot better in person as opposed to on the web. I liked the note you added with it, too. Thanks for making New Years in Iraq "New Years!" Have a great rest of the day, and make the next year worthwhile...  You are truly a blessing to me, the soldiers, and everyone else who supports you. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Travon - Baghdad, Iraq 


Thank you very much for sending me the Cross. It is a great thing to see someone out there who truly supports our troops. I will wear the Christian Soldier Cross with pride. Know that He watches over us while we serve our country, which was founded under God.  GOD BLESS YOU!!! - Shane Baxter - Texas


I am a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, and I am grateful for what you are doing. I have gotten many compliment's on the cross, and have spread the word about this website to my fellow shipmates, friends, and family. God bless you for what you do and God bless our troops who are defending our Freedom everyday. - Johnny - California


Evelyn, thank you. I received the crosses and they are beautiful. You do such wonderful work. God bless. - Angie Long 


"Thank You very Much! I received them on the 28th. The soldiers appreciate it very much. Lord Bless!" - Chaplain C.


I am the wife of a sailor. Monday is our first Memorial day together in almost 6 years. I have been married for 7 years, and have seen 2 children born while daddy was gone to 2 different wars. I have seen many holidays and birthdays pass without my husband and so many of our friends lost to a war that is, unfortunately, necessary. I have been thanked countless times while standing on the pier waiting, while loading groceries into my car that has a sticker that says "my daddy serves this country for your freedom", and thanked on memorial and veterans day when I go to the cemetaries and lay flowers with my sons on the graves of veterans that lost their lives in wars 100's of years before I was born. Sometimes, I see it a different way, sometimes it hits me how small a part I play. How each of us are put here by God and have a purpose. There are people that give vaccines to babies, there are people who work on the turbines on ships, there are people who write letters, raise children, and send packages, and then there are people who make beautiful little crosses. They are the people that weave the fabric so to say, of who we are, and the foundation that we all stand on. You are the ones who help us, by supporting us. And today, I thank you. - Cedar Cox - Navy wife and mom of 2 boys.


Great site! I love your crosses and think it's fantastic that you can make them yourself, especially that you had to overcome serious physical disabilities. You are an inspiration! Steve Mallory - The Stroke Network - Maryland - 2Cor 4:18  

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