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I am no longer associated with nor recommend the Scriptures Home Based Business program.

You may be one of fortunate few. However, just like the numerous times before "I was not!!!" (Amway, Herbalife, Melaleuca & countless Internet money-making programs )

In Multi-Level-Marketing programs it can take a very long time (If ever) to rise to a level that you actually have a positive cash flow let alone succeed, during which time you are obligated to purchase products (to remain active or lose your down-line) making those at that top of the pyramid a sizeable income. 

MLM products, packaging, and marketing gimmicks vary! (cosmetics, health products, money making matrix programs etc.) But the concept remains the same! They sound extremely easy and lucrative so we try once again. Expenses and time add up; enthusiasm fades and we begin to feel trapped, so we simply give up and move on sacrificing our time and money only to once again feel like a failure, while those at the top inherit our efforts and reap our rewards!!!

I believe in the "trickle down theory". However, about the time it was getting to be my turn to get trickled on, the program would become New and Improved, re-launch or simply disappear to start another project, inviting me to join and start over which I often did. (naively hoping, believing, dreaming) It was becoming an all-to-familiar pattern!

Things that I have learned through years of hard knocks, "If it sounds to good to be true, It probably is", "No one is going to do it for you", "If it's meant to be, it's up to me", "Be very cautious on the Internet", "It's usually much easier to get into something, than it is to get out", and "If someone truly wants you to market their product or program, they are willing to pay you a commission not you them, only to hold you captive!!!

My learned definition of a fool - Someone that does the same thing over and over expecting different results

Seriously think before joining Scriptures or any MLM program, Christian or otherwise!!!

I had enough and decided to try something new!!  I knew that I may not succeed, but I had to try.  At least I would have control over my own destiny.  I began searching to learn about writing, copywriting, publishing, advertising, affiliate marketing, social media, website design, search engine optimization...  

Once I learned, it became routine!!! 

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QUIET ANGELS is a short, easy to read TRUE Story about my husband Rick's NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE and his years of recovery that is HUMOROUS, INSPIRATIONAL, MOTIVATIONAL & UPLIFTING.  


Rick believes that he survived his traumatic ordeal to tell others THIS STORY.

"This may not be the best book that you will ever read, but could be one of the MOST IMPORTANT"

"Look inside" to read REVIEWS / PREFACE / INTRODUCTION.


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